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Art does not exist only to entertain but also to challenge one to think. to provoke, even to disturb in a constant search for truth. Art is a form of expression which cannot be confined within boundaries


Mapping new vibrant collection of narratives relating to Art, Design and Africa culture through storytelling. Projecting emotional compelling creative visual that bring to life a common vision for a better future.

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Based in Lagos, Nigeria. Clara Aden is a multidisciplinary artist very passionate about drawing and painting. She is a pencilist award winner in several competitions and has participated in exhibitions, art workshops and projects. She works with oil, acrylics, pastel and recycled materials but mostly pencil and charcoal. She is presently exploring the art of photography

clara aden


“According to Vincent Van Gogh’s letter to his brother, Theo dated 20 August 1882, “As practice makes perfect l cannot but make progress each drawing one makes, each study one makes is a step forward.” These words inspire me. I meditate on it and in an automatic unconscious way l develop the habit of drawing every day. I saw a lot of Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo's drawings, l dive in and work tirelessly to sharpen my skills. Earth colors plays a significant role in my rendition there is direct evidence of influences from masters of light and dark in my drawings. Welcome to my world.  

clara aden
clara aden